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Intriguing premise—disappointing plot: “Mister Magic”

We discussed Kiersten White’s Mister Magic on December 14, 2023. This 2023 novel follows the Circle of Friends, five former cast members of the 90s children’s programme “Mister Magic”, who survived a tragic accident that ended the show’s production. They have spent their lives looking for the special sense of happiness they felt when they were on the show and they end their search back at its remote filming location.

PADERBORN2READ Rating for Mister Magic by Kiersten White

3 out of 5

Members’ Opinions

“A book which drew me in immediately and then let me fall behind somewhere at the end. Suspenseful and mysterious Mister Magic made me believe that this will be exceptionally good but lost me with some weakly executed plot twists and an ending that does not only confuse but also frustrate.”

“Although the novel intrigues with its mystery set-up, they actual plot turns out to be quite disappointing. The metaphor that is supposed to carry the story is simultaneously over-explained and under-developed. If the novel had trusted its readers more, it could have become an outstanding story about religious childhood abuse. Instead, the book never really shows the horrors of childhood trauma, but rather tells the reader how they should feel about them.”

“The premise of Mister Magic was very enticing, but sadly the story did not live up to my expectations—nevertheless, an easy and entertaining read.”

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