The English Book Club
The English Book Club


Those who are born2read are as diverse in their individual backgrounds as close-knit in their shared love for English language literature. We do not have membership applications, permissions, and rejections and there is no fixed members’ list. We believe in getting together sans bureaucracy, simply by indulging in literature, exploring it in all shapes and forms, and sharing our thoughts.

Members’ book attitudes

Every book lover has their quirks—so do we.

Do you recognize yourself in our members’ book attitudes?
We might be your people. Join us for our next book discussion!

Members’ book recommendations

Every book reader has their favourites—here are ours.

collaborators’ mission statements

Even bookish people need some friends—we love collaborating.

Linnemann—Bücher und mehr

… is a family-run bookshop in the Südring shopping centre directly next to Paderborn University’s campus, where book club sessions take place. Linnemann has a diverse assortment including a section of English books and a shelf with a PADERBORN2READ selection display, established in October 2023. Each term’s books of choice are in stock and can be shopped as a bundle.

FRAG—Fachschaftsrat für Romanistik, Anglistik und Germanistik

… is the student committee representing Paderborn University’s students of Romanic Studies, English and American Studies, and Germanic Studies. PADERBORN2READ and FRAG are collaborating to organize book events, for example during Paderborn University’s annual reading week.

Book of the Month

… is a project by Paderborn University’s Department of English and American Studies, started in April 2017. The reading recommendations are written by staff and students and range from current bestsellers over classic literature to non-fiction books. PADERBORN2READ has individual members contributing reading recommendations and shares each term’s book club favourite.