The English Book Club
The English Book Club

Planning Session for Winter Term 2024/2025

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Let’s plan for winter term 2024/2025!

It is time to set up a new reading schedule! Make sure to join our planning session on October 10, 2024—only those who participate in the reading selection may complain about it later. 😉

As a reminder, these are the rules and guidelines we have established as our book club’s habits:

  • Everybody can bring up to three book suggestions for the term.
  • All suggested books must be originally written in English.
  • All suggested books must be stand-alone texts or readable and discussible as stand-alone texts.
  • All suggested books should be no longer than about 300 pages.
  • Other than that, everything is allowed: we always try to have diversity in authors’ gender and nationalities and we usually mix contemporary novels with classic literature, graphic novels and occasionally non-fiction to create varied reading schedules.

For some inspiration, you may want to have a look at our book club’s history.