The English Book Club
The English Book Club

The secret garden party—an invitation by PADERBORN2READ

PADERBORN2READ organizes an afternoon all about the literary and film classic The Secret Garden as a contribution to Paderborn University’s Reading Week.

May 23, 2024

2.006.00 p.m.

J4.319 & campus grounds

The 1911 tale of Mary, Dickon, and Colin, the atmospheric Yorkshire Moors, and the titular locked-up garden has been a beloved classic of children’s literature for more than a century. The 1949 movie adaptation starring Margaret O’Brien as Mary, Brian Roper as Dickon, and Dean Stockwell as Colin, shot mainly black-and-white, but with all garden sequences filmed in Technicolor, has become just as much of a classic as the novel itself. We will be looking at both novel and movie adaption in our Reading Week Special.

Movie Screening (2.003.30 p.m.)

The secret garden party starts with a joint screening of Fred M. Wilcox’s movie adaption of The Secret Garden.

Movie and Novel Discussion (3.305.00 p.m.)

After the screening, we will discuss both the movie adaption and Frances Hodgson Burnett’s original novel. If the weather is nice, the discussion will take place on picnic blankets outdoors. There will also be plan-based snacks and tea to complete the garden party feeling. If you are an ardent baker yourself, feel free to contribute to the snack buffet!

Book and Plant Exchange & DIY Workshop: Build your own secret garden! (5.006.00 p.m.)

The secret garden party continues with more activities that focus on books and gardens. If you have any books you won’t read another time or seeds and offshoots you don’t have space for, bring them to the book and plant exchange to be adopted by somebody else! And if you want to take home a souvenir, visit club member Kristin’s DIY workshop!

We invite all book and garden lovers to join us for single activities or for the whole secret garden party!

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The secret garden party

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